LUBBOCK, Texas — A man was seriously injured after a stabbing in the 5200 block of Avenue Q South Drive late Saturday night, the Lubbock Police Department confirmed.

According to a police report, officers were called to an apartment complex at 11:38 p.m. The report stated the occupant could not give details about what happened, since she just got home.

Officers found a letter opener near a man who “matched the suspect description.” According to the report, officers believed the letter opener was used as a weapon.

Another person was found with injuries on his face and blood on his clothes. He told officers the blood was Jell-O, and the injuries were from a scooter crash. According to the police report, officers believed he was “more involved in the incident than he was admitting.”

Officers were not able to speak with the victim due to his condition at the time, according to the report.

LPD told on Tuesday that no arrests were made, and there was no update on the victim’s condition.