LUBBOCK, Texas — The man accused of pointing a gun at Lubbock Police during a drug raid, Peyton Cleveland Wilson, in the 2200 block of 2nd Place was found guilty of aggravated assault on Thursday.  Officers fired at Wilson, seriously injuring him.

Police went to Wilson’s home in November 2016 with a search warrant for Fentanyl. Wilson, age 26 at the time, recovered at University Medical Center and has been in the Lubbock County jail since that time.

Police at the time said, “SWAT officers came into contact with Wilson who was armed with a handgun. One SWAT officer fired two rounds and both rounds struck Wilson. No other shots were fired.”

In the trial this week, there was evidence that police obtained a “no knock” search warrant. Twelve SWAT officers breached the front door and kicked open the bedroom door.  Officers saw Wilson pointing a gun at them, according to evidence presented at trial.

Prosecutors explained that SWAT officers broke out the bedroom window at the same time as the front door breach to create a distraction.

Wilson’s defense attorney said, “This was not the first time this window was smashed in – not by police, by burglars.”

“He [Wilson] did what any of you would have done,” his defense attorney said.  “He grabbed his gun to protect himself.”

Wilson’s attorney also told the jury, “Common sense and moral authority will guide you to a not guilty verdict.”

Officers testified that they yelled “Police, search warrant!” as they entered. The defense attorney said they were wearing gas masks. She said the masks might have muffled the sound.

The officer who shot Wilson, Sergeant Chad Wurm, testified.  He told the jury that when he kicked open the bedroom door, he saw a “gigantic hole of a pistol” pointed at his face.

“I thought I was dead. I brought my weapon up and fired two rounds,” Wurm told the jury.

Officer Wurm fired his gun through the door, according to his testimony.

“I thought I was about to be killed,” Wurm told the jury.

Sentencing is scheduled for February 19th.