Man shot, wounded and robbed outside South Plains Apartments

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police were called to 5520 58th Street Tuesday, December 7, where a Lubbock man was shot in the leg and right torso area, according to a police report.

The first call came in at around 11:55 p.m. Two officers arrived on scene where they saw Zadrian Martinez with a gunshot wound to the upper left thigh and right rib cage area, according to the police report.

One officer said he could not tell how many times Martinez was shot in the leg, according to the report. After help was given to Martinez, the officer spoke with witnesses.

One witness said she was laying in her bed on a FaceTime call when she heard 4 gunshots. When she looked outside her window that faced 56th Street, she saw the suspect getting into the back passenger seat of a car, according to the report.

Shots fired, one injured at Lubbock apartment complex

This witness said she did not know if the suspect was holding a gun, but when she saw the vehicle continue westbound on onto 56th Street, she said she believed Martinez was shot.

A second witness had a window that also faced 56th Street, where she said she heard a car parking.

The second witness said she saw the suspect break Martinez’s passenger window with the handle of a gun, then go back to the suspect vehicle.

Another person was told by both witnesses what had happened, and went to speak to Martinez, according to the report. This person said Martinez was saying things like, “I should have went inside” and “They robbed me.”

Before the incident, while Martinez was sitting in his car, he said he thought it was his mother playing a prank on him. Martinez then saw ‘one or two’ suspects with a ski mask, according to the report. The first suspect told Martinez, “Give me whatever you have.”

Martinez said he was unsure of what happened after he was shot. He said the first suspect took Martinez’s little brother’s backpack with only his school work in it, according to the report.

The first of four suspects took Martinez’s property from his back seat and shot him, the report said. He went back to another vehicle with three more people inside. They drove off westbound on 56th Street, the report said.

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