LUBBOCK, Texas– Chad Coffey, 49, used a shirt and a chair to climb over a “bob” wire fence to gain entry to a cell phone tower, according court records obtained by

Editor’s note: The official court record used the term “bob wire.” According to Merriam Webster online, the term bob wire is a variation of barbed wire.

Coffey was arrested on Wednesday after the Lubbock Police Department responded to a call for a check subject at 22nd Street and Memphis Avenue. When officers arrived, they found him climbing a cell phone tower.

Court records said Coffey was climbing the tower but “did not appear to be a worker.” The tower was fenced in with “metal fencing and bob wire on top to exclude intruders.”

One officer said he noticed a chair and a shirt over the barbed wire which showed how Coffey got into the tower, according to records.

Coffey eventually climbed down from the tower and was “safely” taken into police custody and charged with Criminal Trespass.

As of Sunday afternoon, Coffey remained in police custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $5,000 bond.