LUBBOCK, Texas — Tracy Moreno, the man who decorates Lubbock’s iconic smiling bush on 58th Street and Indiana Avenue, said in a Facebook post Wednesday that the future for the bush was uncertain after the property owners asked him to take some new decorations down.

On Thursday, the owner posted an update on Facebook that the tradition will continue.

“I know Lubbock is wondering why the bush face is not decorated anymore, I was asked to take the decorations down [by] the owners of the property and therefore I did,” the post from Moreno on Wednesday said.

The Thanksgiving-themed decorations had been put up October 31, according to an earlier Facebook post by Moreno.

The former owner of the property, Alison Robinson, died in September 2021 after a battle with breast cancer.

A woman who represents herself to be the owner of the home said in Moreno’s Facebook post in the comments on Wednesday, “The bush tradition shall continue. It was still an icon before Mr. Moreno was even involved.”

This story was updated Thursday based on new information.