Man who just got out of prison for murder arrested in Lubbock, charged and indicted

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[image of Miner Lee Thompson provided by the Lubbock County Jail]

LUBBOCK, Texas– A man wanted for a parole violation related to murder, Miner Lee Thompson, 40, was indicted Tuesday for tampering with evidence. He was also charged for possession of cocaine.

Thompson was already wanted when he was pulled over February 6 by a Lubbock County Sheriff’s Deputy in the 1700 block of 27th Street. The initial traffic stop was for not using a turn signal at least 100 feet before turning.

The officer saw a red bandana hanging from the rear-view mirror and asked Minor if he was a gang member – specifically with the Bloods.

Thompson told the officer he was recently released from prison after serving 21 years for murder. The officer asked Thompson to step out of his vehicle. Thompson said he did not feel safe stepping out.

“I then observed Miner [Thompson] grab a black and mild cigar and began smoking the cigar,” a deputy wrote in court records. “I know through my experience as a police officer that individuals that smoke tobacco will often begin smoking if they believe they are going to jail because they cannot smoke inside the jail.”

Miner’s driver’s license showed he had an outstanding felony parole violation warrant for his arrest for murder.

The officer then opened the driver’s side door of the vehicle and ordered Miner to get out of the vehicle. However, Miner began grabbing paperwork, said he just went to court and failed to get out of the vehicle.

The officer then drew his firearm and ordered Miner to step out of the vehicle. Miner refused to step out of the vehicle and began moving towards the gear shift of the vehicle.

The officer then physically removed Miner from the vehicle. He briefly resisted, but the officer was able to secure him in handcuffs.

Once Miner was in custody, the officer attempted to move him around to the front of his truck so he could conduct a search incident. However, Miner refused to walk and fell to the ground by the back driver’s side door.

Then, Miner kicked his leg toward the back driver side tire.

The officers then checked Miner’s vehicle and found a plastic baggie right ouside the driver’s side door near the back driver’s side door where Miner struggled.

The baggie contained approximately 2.85 grams of cocaine.

Miner’s original murder charge was out of Tarrant County.

Miner remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center on Wednesday.

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