LUBBOCK, Texas — A man that was taken to the Covenant Health Emergency Room Friday night with a gunshot wound potentially faces charges for four crimes, according to a police report.

The man was treated at the hospital for two open wounds on his left knee, according to the report.

When questioned by an officer, the man said he was sitting in his car at Clapp Park when two men got into an argument and shots were fired, according to the report. He said he went home and upon removing his pants, found that he’d been shot.

When an officer asked the man if he owned any firearms, he said he used to, but his mother took it away after he was arrested in December, the report says.

However, officers searched the man’s car, and found a shell casing, a fired round, a black pistol and a rifle, the report says. The fired round was consistent with the ammunition in the pistol’s magazine.

The report also said the serial number was removed from the rifle.

The man was told he would later face charges for unlawful carrying of a firearm, discharge of a firearm in the city, tampering with identification numbers and false report to a police officer.