HERMLEIGH, Texas – Many families lost everything after severe weather came through Hermleigh, Texas, Sunday night.

“My wife and I, we were under this couch, and we were steadfast praying that God would come in and intervene on our behalf, and he did,” said Bill Jones, Hermleigh resident who lost his house in the damage.

Jones jumped into action as the storm ripped through their home, taking cover under their couch.

“We were just sitting there watching TV, and we knew there were some storms in the area, but we didn’t know it was this close. I heard the metal coming from my garage out there, and I could feel the pressure, the wind, and I told my wife we needed to take cover, so I immediately jumped up and flipped this couch over,” said Jones.

Now all that is left behind is what was once their family home.

“I can’t really describe it. It was just lots of emotions, and you know, something we worked 25 years to build, and it’s gone in five minutes,” said Jones.

Many other homes were in danger’s way. Beatrice Sanchez was at a concert when she got the call that her home was gone.

“We were just sitting down waiting for Justin Bieber to come on, and my brother calls me and tells me my house is gone, and I really thought he was just playing, but they sent me photos, and sure enough, my house is gone,” said Sanchez.

The town is left distraught as they thought the storm was supposed to be on the outskirts of their community.

“It hurts. Everything’s gone. We lost my parents eight months ago, and their house is almost gone, so that’s what hurts the most,” said Sanchez.

The Midland National Weather Service was in Hermleigh assessing the damage and determining if the storm was a tornado or severe winds.

The community is now coming together to rebuild their town. To help Sanchez’s family rebuild, donations are being accepted through:

Venmo: @sabrinaj07

Cash App: @Sabrinas03

Paypall: @Sabrinajones3