CLOVIS, N.M. – It has been about a week since New Mexico legalized the use of recreational marijuana and dispensaries around town have already seen an increase in sales, especially from customers coming in from Texas.

“We definitely have an influx of New Mexicans coming in for sure that don’t have a rec card or a med card rather, but the majority of the influx is definitely from Texas,” said John Swopes, general manager at SWOP Dispensary.

SWOP in Clovis tripled its sales since legalization, saying about two-thirds of the sales come from customers crossing state lines in Texas.

“We do this for relaxation, my wife is going through some medical issues, so this helps keep her appetite going. You know I wish we could help the economy in our own state, but until then, we’re helping the economy here,” said a customer from Texas.

One Texas resident from Muleshoe makes the trip to New Mexico almost three times a week saying, “It’s very convenient, and it’s pretty good. It’s better than Texas, just because I’ve had four back surgeries, and it helps better than pills.”

New Mexico is a part of 18 states to legalize marijuana and is still illegal in Texas.

“This is our first trip of many because it’ll probably be a few years until they open their eyes to not only the medicinal value but the tax dollars it brings in and it gives people a place to go to work so it’s a win-win for this state. I don’t know why it isn’t in all 50 states,” said a customer from Texas.

The U.S. House recently passed a measure that legalizes weed and while they wait on the Senate for more, dispensaries in New Mexico continue to anticipate customers from Texas to keep shopping.

“As long as Texans want to smoke, I believe they’ll always come to New Mexico until there’s a viable program for them and their state,” said Swopes.