LUBBOCK, Texas — A Marine veteran received the surprise of a lifetime on Wednesday when the West Texas Home Builders Association announced he would receive a new home as part of its Home for Heroes Program.

After he was injured in the Marines, Sgt. Lilley underwent 28 surgeries and an amputation.

“It’s a big sigh of relief that I’ll be able to be in a house and not [need] to worry about how to get up the driveway or how to get up over the first ledge in the garage, and then through the threshold and door,” said recipient of the house Sgt. Jason Lilley. “Nobody has to worry about that anymore.”

Vice President of the West Texas Home Builders Association, David Jordan, said he’s grateful to be able to help the family.

“To be able to give back to heroes that have fought for our freedom and it is, by far, the greatest opportunity we’ve had,” Jordan said.

The new home will not only bring relief to the Lilley family, but give Jason the independence he hasn’t seen in years.

“If it makes it a little bit easier on me, it makes it way easier on them and that’s what I want- so they can drop some of that stress of having to take care of me and worrying about what I’m doing,” Lilley spoke of his family.

In his speech following the announcement, Lilley said, “I prayed about it- not that this would happen- but just prayed that something would help ease our struggles. God is great. Thank you all.”

The family said they are looking forward to designing their home.

The builders said the planning process will take a minimum of 90 days and then building could take 8-10 months. The home could potentially be ready for move-in as early as one year.