A Lubbock man who beat his girlfriend for downloading a social media app was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Thursday.

Dameon Marmolejo, 21, pleaded guilty Monday to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury.

Marmolejo faced two to 20 years in prison. The judge said he did not receive maximum time because of his age and he showed “some responsibility” for what happened.

The victim, Solidad Torres, testified Wednesday morning. She detailed an abusive relationship with Marmolejo, who Torres said pushed her around and hit her several times before he beat her in her home.

Torres said Marmolejo came after her June 17, 2017, after he found out she downloaded the Snapchat app. He accused her of cheating on him, Torres said.

After trying to run away, she said he slammed her head into a bathtub and continued to assault her. Her head was hit against the tub at least three times, Torres testified. Photos were shown of Torres covered in blood after the assault.

The brutal beating left Torres with 15 staples across her head, three stitches and bruises all over her body from his shoes.

A Lubbock police detective said Tuesday that Torres had shoe prints on her back from a hard kick or stomp. Marmolejo’s shoes could be considered a deadly weapon, he said.

According to a Lubbock Police report, when officers arrived on scene, they observed a pool of blood in the bathroom and were unable to locate any suspects on scene or in the area.

Torres said Marmolejo called 911 when he saw her bleeding, then fled the scene. Torres said she could not recall him helping her after the beating.

Torres initially told police she was attacked by two masked men, but she later identified Marmolejo as the assailant. She said she was not trying to mislead police and did not remember telling law enforcement about masked men.

On Tuesday, a detective said it is common for domestic violence victims to come forward with the true story at a later date.

U.S. Marshals arrested Marmolejo on August 17, two months after the attack, at a home in the 1900 block of Avenue O.

Torres testified she still suffers headaches and sleep loss because of the assault.

On Wednesday, the courtroom also heard from Marmolejo’s former teacher who pressed charges for hitting the teacher after he broke up a fight between Marmolejo and another student.

Marmolejo’s former girlfriend testified Wednesday that he assaulted her more than 10 times during their relationship, which began in 2016. He also threatened to kill her, the witness said, and he forced her to quit her job to spend more time together.

The former girlfriend’s 911 call was heard, in which she said he hit and strangled her before she was able to escape.

The defense also called the mother of Marmolejo’s child. She said he once grabbed her by the back and hair, but she said they did not have a violent history.

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