LUBBOCK,Texas — Some marriage counselors in the Lubbock area are seeing a rise in couples looking for couples counseling.

“If you are not working on your marriage you are working on your divorce,” said Ed Aisnworth who has been married to his wife Connie for 42 years. 

Through their church, Connie and Ed host a weekly web series giving marriage advice. They say they have seen relationships struggling due to COVID-19. 

“If people were struggling in their marriage before this covid has made it so much worse,” said Connie. 

Marriage and Family therapist Gregory Derderian says before the pandemic he saw around 25-30 patients a week but now sees around 35.

“I think anytime there is a transition, anytime there is a change no matter if it’s a healthy change, it causes stress and adaptation in that stress time can be hard to deal with on your own,” said Derderian.  

For Ed, sometimes how well the relationship is doing is a reflection of those in it.

“I’ve tagged it the tea bag effect. So what’s already in you is coming out of you when the heat is on. And if it’s good it’s coming out of you in a good way and if it’s bad it’s coming out in a negative way,” said Ed. 

But both Ed and Connie agree that taking time for your partner can strengthen your marriage.

“Our personal success is to be intentional about date night, to be intentional about communication, to be intentional about getaways, whatever we can do,” said Ed. 

But for those who are struggling in their marriages, Derderian says it’s important to recognize when you need help. 

“First and foremost you don’t have to do it alone. There is a huge stigma around mental health in general,” said Derderian. “There is this pride that a lot of people have and they think they have to deal with it on their own but my first thing to anyone is it’s okay to ask for help.” 

Ed and Connie host their marriage advice web series every Saturday night on the Generations Church of Lubbock Facebook page.