LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Independent School District filed new documents Tuesday against President Joe Biden and the administration regarding vaccine and mask mandates.

In the new documents, Lubbock ISD said the federal administration has no history of enforcing vaccine mandates or mask mandates in the Head Start program, bringing up points from 1975 and 1996 rules.

Lubbock ISD claimed the 1975 “regulation merely required Head Start programs to make immunizations available to children—and said nothing of staff or volunteers … Thus, the 1975 rule did not require that any child (let alone staff or volunteers) be immunized.”

The federal administration said rules from 1996 showed a history of requiring staff to undergo health examinations and screenings, but Lubbock ISD said “the 1996 rules only required that staff and volunteers comply with state and local law regarding tuberculosis. The 1996 rules did not require any vaccinations.”

The documents filed by Lubbock ISD also said the Secretary of Health and Human Services does not have broad rulemaking powers or a specific statutory authority to authorize the vaccine mandate or mask mandate.

Lubbock ISD also said it will suffer irreparable harm because federal agencies threatened to terminate staff. It also said there is a risk of losing Head Start grants if the mandates are not enforced.

The lawsuit, started by Lubbock ISD in mid-December, seeks a nationwide temporary restraining order against the administration.

Click here to read a portion of the latest documentation filed by Lubbock ISD.

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