Formerly conjoined Mata twins head to Pre-K

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LITTLEFIELD, Texas — Reaching a big milestone, the formerly conjoined Mata twins from Littlefield are going to their first full day of school. 

Adeline and Knatalye were joined at the abdomen and shared some skin and their liver, the surgery to separate them took almost 30 hours, said Elysse Mata, their mother.  

“If you look at them you wouldn’t know anything, they were born conjoined,” Mata said.  At five years old, everything is exciting for them, she said. 

“I’m still amazed, every time I talk about it, now they’re running and fighting and starting school,” Mata said. 

So, these two feisty twins are heading to Pre-K.

“They will go all day, they won’t do half day like they kind of did last year, where we went just to kinda get them used to how things were gonna go,” Mata said. 

According to the twins, they’re ready.

“I got a jasmine backpack, I got minnie mouse [backpack],” said Adeline and Knatalye Mata. 

It’s an exciting time for the whole family. 

“They are super excited they’ve talked about it since school ended in may,”  Elysse Mata said. 

At just 5-years-old, their mom says they’ve gone through more health challenges than most.

“They’ve just soaked up so much, their vocabulary, just took off and Knatalye does math,” Mata said. 

However, the girls say this next challenge won’t be too hard.

“We’re gonna sleep at school,” Adeline said.

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