MEADOW, Texas — The City of Meadow asked for prayers for the community after a Meadow ISD senior was involved in a deadly crash on Monday evening, according to a social media post from the city.

The post stated, “Wes Woodard was in a head on collision just west of the school on his way to the Meadow High FFA Banquet this evening.”

Woodward was set to graduate in just three weeks.

“In a small tight knit community such as Meadow, this is a loss felt so deeply by all,” the post read. “Wes’ mother is a teacher, his father a schoolboard member and Wes has attended Meadow ISD since he was in preschool as has his younger brother.”

A post from Meadow ISD Monday evening stated, “The carpet gym will be open tonight for Meadow students and community members to be together.” reached out to Meadow ISD. Check back for updates.