Medical experts warn of the dangers of prolonged heat exposure

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Experts are warning locals about taking precautions during the high temperatures.

On Wednesday afternoon, dozens of locals gathered in the shade in front of the courthouse to enjoy a live concert.

“It’s breezy, there is a lot of shade, a lot of shade, trees. We enjoy it. We love it. We have our hats in case we need them,” local Oralia Vasquez said.

A warm day in June, with temperatures set to hit 100 degrees. This is the time of year, a lot of people have been looking forward to taking in the sun.  

With barbeque, picnics and outdoor concerts, people have to be careful to stay hydrated. University Medical Center Emergency Medical Services Training Chief, Chad Curry, said people need to pay attention and look out for signs of overheating and dehydration. 

“Especially with how hot it is going to be this week. It’s one of those things people get busy doing yard work, get busy doing activities,” Curry said. “So you need to make sure you’re taking sports drinks and water in at the same time in order to stay hydrated.”  

There is a thin line between getting a little overheated and crossing into heat exhaustion.  

Signs of dehydration or heat exhaustion are dizziness, nausea, headaches, and sweating.

Experts advise drinking plenty of water, wearing sunscreen, and limiting your sun exposure. 

If symptoms progress or appear more severe, the person could be experiencing a heat stroke. 

Covenant Medical Group’s Family Physician, Jeffrey Blume, said if a person’s temperature reaches over 102 degrees, it’s time to seek medical care.

The thing that worries us the most is a life-threatening condition called heat stroke,” Blume said. “More severe and you even have things like loss of consciousness, fainting in extreme cases, even seizures. And that would be an emergency.”   

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