MedMinute: Parkinson’s may start in the gut, researchers say

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A new study showed the vacinnation program against the Human Papilloma Virus is helping reduce infections and precancerous cervical lesions. Canadian researchers say in the last 10 years, infections dropped 83% among girls aged 13 to 19 and 66% among women aged 20 to 24.

Parkinson’s disease may originate in the gut, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine. They injected a nerve killing protein into the guts of healthy mice and over the course of 10 months the protein started to build and travel to the brain. The study suggested blocking the transmission route could keep Parkinson’s from progressing.

A new study found people with high body mass or who gain weight when they get older may have a lower risk for ALS, or what’s commonly known as Lou Gerhig’s disease. Doctors caution that weight gain will not prevent ALS, and that more study is needed to evaluate the link between BMI and ALS.

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