MedMinute: Risk of sudden cardiac arrest for athletes

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Babies of mothers who underwent surgery before they were pregnant are at an increased risk of experiencing opioid withdrawal symptoms at birth. Researchers in Montreal suggested the increased risk could be related to the mothers’ continued opioid use after their operations.

A new review looked at ways to prevent sudden cardiac arrest in competitive athletes. The article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal said doctors should routinely ask athletes if they feel dizzy, short of breath or experience chest pains during or after exercise. It also said defibrillators should be on hand during practices and competitions.

Young athletes with ACL injuries face an increased risk of a second knee injury if they don’t score at least 90% on a battery of tests known as the “return to sport assessment.” Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital found athletes who did not perform well on the quadricep strength test in particular were at an increased risk.


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