Vincent Brian Mendez, 23, of Lubbock pleaded guilty Thursday for aggravated assault.  

Mendez was one of three men indicted for shooting Raymond “Kaleb” Hockenberry who was left paralyzed from the shooting.  

Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the 7000 block of County Road 6500 in November 2014 for a report of shots fired.

Hockenberry had been at a party for a woman’s 21st birthday. He wanted to leave but he couldn’t find his car keys.  There was some sort of altercation and eyewitnesses then said they heard two shots.  

According to an arrest warrant, multiple witnesses said Matthew “Matt Matt” Janssen fired the shot that hit Hockenberry in the neck.  However, witnesses also said Mendez had a gun as well. 

Under Texas law, all three can be held legally responsible for participating in the crime regardless of who specifically pulled the trigger. 

Mendez was arrested and posted bond.  He was then re-arrested and accused of violating the terms of his bond.  Technically, he agreed to serve two sentences of 8 years each – one for aggravated assault and the other for bail jumping.  But he’ll serve both sentences at the same time.

Several criminal cases were still pending against Janssen as of Thursday including aggravated assault and felon in possession of a firearm.  The case against John Paul Covarrubio for aggravated assault was also still pending.