Michael Myers dummy from ‘Halloween’ horror series stolen from local family’s front yard

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A local family asked for help after one of their prized Halloween decorations was stolen from their front yard last week, and the theft was all caught on camera.

“Every year, we decorate for Halloween … My favorite person [Halloween villain] is Michael Myers,” Alexis, the homeowner who asked not be identified out of security concerns, said.

Every year, decorating for Halloween is a hallowed tradition for Alexis and her family. Their piece de resistance is a dummy of classic horror villain Michael Myers that they dressed up themselves.

“People will come by and take pictures with him or take pictures of him,” Alexis said.

But about a week ago, just after 5:00 a.m., they got an unwelcome visit from the Grinch — or rather the gremlin — who stole Halloween, and it was all caught on their Ring app camera.

“I honestly don’t know why people would take other people’s stuff,” Alexis said.

In the surveillance video, a person wearing a hoodie walked up and snatched Michael from their front yard and ran off in a matter of seconds.

“You just can’t enjoy holidays or anything nowadays because people just take advantage of anything,” Alexis said.

This theft has also upset Alexis’ 7-year-old daughter Zaylee who said she misses Michael.

“We went to the Halloween store to buy him. He was expensive, and someone just took him … It makes you sad that someone just stole your dummy,” Zaylee said.

But it’s not just about the theft of their property, worth about $300. For Alexis, Halloween is more than a holiday. It’s a way to take back the night and preserve the legacy of her father, who was murdered in a drive-by shooting in 2014. The case has never been solved and is the reason why Alexis asked to remain unidentified.

“Halloween was my dad’s favorite holiday. When we were kids, he used to do haunted houses and do dummies like we did for Michael Myers … He’s the main reason why I do Halloween,” Alexis said.

While the family asked for help to bring their dummy home, in the meantime, they plan to make another Michael.

“Hopefully, they won’t take him,” Alexis joked.

If you find the dummy, the family said you could call them at (806) 730-7030.

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