Political ad provided by the Mike Collier Campaign

LUBBOCK, Texas — Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Mike Collier is debuting his first advertisements in Lubbock and Amarillo tomorrow, attacking Republican incumbent Dan Patrick in a 30-second digital and radio spot titled “Not a Good Republican.”

The ad focuses on the candidate’s roles as a “businessman, energy expert, and former Republican,” credentials the campaign hopes will catch the eyes of conservative voters in this predominantly red region of the state.

“Dan Patrick wants to use your tax dollars to fund private school vouchers while cutting funding to schools across West Texas,” Collier says in the ad. “No wonder Dan doesn’t show his face around here.”

The ad hits on issues the Collier campaign thinks will resonate in a unique way among conservative rural voters, including Lt. Gov. Patrick’s record on potential state vouchers for private schools and the past failures of the power grid as more Lubbock residents prepare to join ERCOT.

“Dan Patrick is an outlier in his aggressive campaign to push for private school vouchers,” campaign manager Ali Zaidi said.

On Thursday, one day after Mike Collier visited Lubbock and attacked Lt. Gov. Patrick for not campaigning in West Texas, the Patrick campaign announced a 131-stop bus tour that will bring the incumbent to West Texas.

“We have outlined an ambitious schedule. We’ve scheduled tours through North Texas, the Rio Grande Valley, East Texas, West Texas, Central Texas, and the Coastal Bend,” Patrick said in an announcement of the tour. “It’s going to be fun, and I am excited about it. Keep a lookout for the bus – I hope to see you out on the road.”

Patrick has visited Lubbock once this campaign cycle with a press conference focusing on border security on Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport in May. Collier has held town halls in Lubbock twice, once in October at the local Democratic Party headquarters and again this Wednesday with an event on public education hosted by Pastors for Texas Children.

The Collier campaign plans to spend “five figures” on the ad buy.

“Given the digital element that spends as it goes, it’s in flux,” the campaign said when we asked for clarification on the exact figures.

Here is the transcript of the ad:

I’m Mike Collier—a businessman, an energy expert, and a former Republican.

And I know plenty of good Texas Republicans, and Dan Patrick ain’t one of them.

For 8 years, Patrick has given tax breaks to his corporate donors, resulting in higher property taxes for the rest of us and less funding for our schools.

And now, Dan Patrick wants to use your tax dollars to fund private school vouchers while cutting funding to schools across West Texas.

No wonder Dan doesn’t show his face around here.

Recent polling shows the rematch race getting closer, with Patrick leading Collier by five points among likely voters. In 2018, Patrick beat Collier by 27 points in Lubbock County.