Linda Childers Perry, 57, of Lubbock was arrested Saturday night by Lubbock Police for aggravated assault and deadly conduct. Police were called to the 2800 block of 62nd Street.  

UPDATED STORY LINK: Charges dropped after woman fired a shot during dispute with her son 

A man told police that his mother fired a gun at him.  The shot missed him but nearly hit a neighbor.  

The dispute started earlier when Childers Perry instructed him to come over to her house, pick up his belongings and then leave the house.  The man had been living there with his mom for an extended time.

When he arrived at the house to get his belongings, Childers Perry slammed the door in his face, according to a police report.  He tried to open the front door and Childers Perry “fired one round through the door.”

When the police showed up, she told officers she “fired one round unintentionally.”  She also told police that her son was the one who was “acting crazy.” 

She was arrested without incident.  

As of Monday, Childers Perry was held in the Lubbock Co. Detention Center on bonds totaling $85,000.