An arrest warrant said surveillance video gave police an HD view of the suspect in a Central Lubbock murder.  Police arrested Trayvion Deshawn Caro, 19, of Lubbock on Tuesday.  

An arrest warrant said police were called to the 1300 block of 65th Drive on March 9 for a report of criminal mischief.  But while there, family members of Matthew Pickett, 30, flagged down an officer. They told the officer they found Pickett’s body.

The warrant said Pickett was shot in the chest.  

Police located an HD surveillance video.  According to the warrant, the video showed Arthur Moore, Jr., 41, of Lubbock enter the apartment and then leave.  Moore was named as a person of interest as of Wednesday, but he was not described as a suspect.

After Moore left, the warrant said Caro entered and an explosion “out the front window is captured on camera.”  

“This would be the bullet that was fired from Matthew’s apartment and struck the upstairs apartment window,” the warrant said. 

Caro was seen on the video leaving after the shots were fired, according to the warrant.  

Police found a potential witness who said Moore sold a gun to a man named “Brazy.”  Police believe Brazy was Caro’s alias.  Once they compared a picture of Caro to the surveillance video, officers wrote, “The video was of such high quality that Trayvion [Caro] was immediately recognized.”

A neighbor told she was home at the time said she heard gunshots coming from the apartment. 

“Everybody shocked at that time,” Janina said. “Shotguns and you can see it, you have kids in here. If you do that, you need to be careful, one of these shots, you don’t know where they’re goin.”

Caro was held Wednesday on a $200,000 bond for murder.  Moore was found by police on Wednesday morning and arrested on unrelated charges.  

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