LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Police Department responded to a call January 10, in the 1900 block of 64th Street, regarding a robbery, according to a police report.

When police arrived, the victim said a suspect had walked near his house asking to use the restroom. The victim said he didn’t know the suspect, according to the report.

After leaving the restroom, the suspect took the victim’s wallet and was chased into the victim’s front yard, where he caught the suspect.

The next day around noon, the victim was walking near the 6300 block of Avenue T when the same suspect, along with a second suspect, approached him. The first suspect said, “We got you now,” and took out a Taser, according to the report.

The second suspect told the victim to “give him everything he has or he would shoot him,” according to the report. The victim said he never saw a firearm on the second suspect but believed he was concealing it in his front jacket pocket.

The victim said he “feared for his life” and attempted to run home when the second suspect grabbed the victim’s phone and took off with it, according to the report.

The victim attempted to obtain a new phone at a Boost Mobile near 5000 Avenue Q when he saw the first suspect. the victim then confronted the first suspect about stealing his phone when the suspect pulled her Taser out again and “accused him of pulling a knife out on her” according to the report.

When police spoke to an employee at the Boost Mobile store, the employee said he saw the suspect pull a Taser out on the victim. The employee said the suspect left the store after the encounter.

No injuries were reported, and both suspects were not found at the time of the report.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were no updates.