Moor tried to kill Lubbock Police officer, jury finds

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Jeremy Moor in court (Nexstar/Staff)

LUBBOCK, Texas — The man accused of shooting a Lubbock Police officer in 2013 is now guilty. A jury convicted Jeremy Moor, 38, for aggravated assault of a public servant.

The jury took 20 minutes to decide.

UPDATED Story Link: Moor threatened to cut f****** head off doctor after shooting LPD officer, according to court testimony

Moor was originally charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer. But prosecutors took him to trial on the aggravated assault charge.

At trial, witnesses said Moor had been drinking and knew that he was not going to be allowed to stay in the Salvation Army’s transitional housing room.

One witness, Juan Flores, testified that Moor said, “He wanted to die.”

At one point, Moor got into Flores’ truck with him, according to testimony in court.

Image of Jeremy Moor from Lubbock Co. Detention Center (2013 arrest)

“He got in my truck, and that’s when he pulled that gun,” Flores said in court. “Don’t know if he was scared or angry or confused.”

“I was just trying to talk to him and calm him down, but it didn’t work.” Flores said.

“He pulled out his weapon and put it to my side and said he loved me, and I was like a papa to him,” Flores said. “He said he was going to shoot it out with the cops.”

Another witness called 911.

An officer approached the truck and asked Moor to get out. That officer was Timothy Varner.

Flores testified that Moor flung open the door of the truck and started firing at the officer. Varner returned fire.

Varner shot eight times. He had been hit by four bullets. Another officer called out on the police radio the words. “shots fired.”

“When I heard ‘shots fired’ in my ear, it kind of brought me back to reality,” Varner said. “I felt a pain in my shoulder, and I said, ‘Shots fired, I’m shot.’”

The other officer testified that Varner was pale and obviously in pain.

One shot hit a major blood vessel in his leg and there was concern he could bleed to death. One shot traveled across his Adam’s Apple and lodged in the right collar bone area. Varner testified his Adam’s Apple was offset for several months after the incident.

He described intense and painful therapy that went on for months as he recovered, and he said he is still not 100 percent okay. He was off duty for six months.

“Whose job was it to take care of the injuries at home?” Varner was asked. He tried holding back tears and told the jury, “My wife.”

His punishment is yet to be decided. Check back for an update.

CORRECTION: Specific details of the moment Moor got out of the truck have been corrected in this article.

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