LUBBOCK, Texas — On Tuesday, Lubbock Power and Light said the amount of homes using solar panels has doubled since March, from 43 to over 100 in less than five months.

The Electric Utility Board discussed LP&L’s current policy on solar panels and a possibility of the city adopting a “buy-back” or “banking” program for solar users.

“We have to decide whether it’s more beneficial to have a program where customers can possibly bank excess electricity they produce from their panels that can be used next month or the month after, or, going the route where local utilities can buy back excess electricity,” said LP&L spokesperson Matt Rose.

With the amount of solar powered homes increasing, the local solar sales market is on the rise as well.

Recently, the City of Lubbock sent out a warning to potential solar panel companies falsely claiming to be associated with the city.

“It’s a lot better when you go see somebody local,” said Chris Harrington, with AMP Electric. “You’re gonna get somebody who cares about the city as opposed to someone who’s just coming into town to give you a quick sell on an expensive product.”

LP&L encourages customers to consider using renewable energy, as it would low peak demand during summer months, but wants homeowners to understand the costs of such a significant investment.

“Whatever your factors are, we just stress that you know what you’re getting into,” Rose said.

According to LP&L, they’re in the process of implementing a new customer service and billing system. Any changes to the solar use policy would ideally be in conjunction with the new system when it becomes official next spring.