LUBBOCK, Texas — With more than 280 adults with special needs signed up for prom this Friday, the organizers of Night to Shine LBK 2023 said on Monday that they still need more than 100 volunteers to sign up as buddies.

“This is the first time in three years we’ve had it in person,” said Andy O’Neill, Night to Shine Lubbock 2023 Event Coordinator. “The last two years, Tim Tebow Foundation did a virtual prom, but we hosted a drive-through event. The guest could come through and pick up a crown, tiara, and a gift. Then, they could watch the video at home.”

Calvary Baptist Church said it is hosting the event this year and coordinating with the Tim Tebow Foundation, which is sponsoring it.

“It happens all over the world on the same evening,” O’Neill began. “We just want to love on them and show them that they’re special.”

At no cost, promgoers can enjoy limo rides, a catered meal, karaoke, a photo booth, a shoe shine, and hair and makeup touch ups, the church said, adding that “Bahama Bucks has graciously given us their product for them to enjoy.”

One goal, however, is to make sure that each promgoer has a buddy throughout the night, O’Neill said.

“We’re running really, really short this year,” said Dr. Richard Rush, Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. “We’d sure like a whole lot of folks to come out, so that we can have one person with one guest be able to enjoy the evening together.”

Dr. Rush shared that this is his third year volunteering for the event.

“I think the most rewarding thing has just been being able to see the smiles of people when they walk in. At first, they kind of have this look of anxiety and fear, and then as soon as they walk in and see all the things, and they get their flowers, shoes shined and makeup done – just to see them begin to lighten up and laugh.”

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old or older. Any volunteers over the age of 18 must pay $8 for a registration fee, which covers the cost of a background check.

“They’re so excited,” O’Neill said about the promgoers.

To sign up as a guest or volunteer for Night to Shine LBK 2023, click here.