LUBBOCK, Texas — As the new year gets closer and plans are made to celebrate the new year, local law enforcement urges the public to think twice before drinking and driving.

According to Lubbock Police Department, there have been over 400 DWI arrests made in 2021.

Johnny Bures, sergeant at the Texas Department of Public Safety, said a DWI can be costly.

“You see a sign on the side of the road, says DWI, you can’t afford it and driving while intoxicated charges a Class B misdemeanor and after arrest and court costs and fines and penalties,” said Bures,”

On average, about $15,000 for a first-time offense.”

However, Bures the monetary cost of driving intoxicated does not compare to the potential risk it can pose.

“If you were to hurt or kill someone in your vehicle or someone else that was driving along with you–that’s not a price that we can put on someone’s life,” said Bures.

Amy Hughes-Nevill, a marketing manager at Citibus, said Citibus is hoping to help Lubbock residents avoid having to decide by offering their services on New Year’s Eve.

“Citibus is actually offering free rides this New Year’s Eve, so anyone who needs a ride home, if they want to go out and party and drink away. That’s fine,” said Hughes-Nevill. “All they have to do is book a ride to the city bus on-demand app.”

Hughes-Nevill said anyone choosing to ride through Citibus must wear a mask as part of regulations set by the Transportation Security Administration.

Bures said even those who choose not to drink could play an important role in helping prevent accidents.

“If you’re hosting a party, make sure that you’re watching your patrons or the people that are there at your party that they’re not consuming too much, and or that they have rides home.

“If not, then you know it’s your responsibility to help them find a way home because [They could] leave your house for your party after they’ve had too much to drink, and then they have a crash and hurt themselves or hurt somebody else,” said Bures.