LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday morning, Lubbock Power & Light reported more than 4,000 of their customers lost power.

At around 4:15 a.m., Matt Rose, spokesperson for LP&L, said the first power outage incident occurred in southwest Lubbock. Then a second outage was reported at around 8:45 a.m. Rose said ice is a factor in how reliable the grid will be.

“We had a tree limb that was weighed down by ice that broke and fell into the lines,” Rose said. He said the second outage happened for the same reason.

The outage took nearly two hours to repair, and the second outage lasted for about 25 minutes, Rose said.

“We had to repair the line that had been broken, but also repair the infrastructure that feeds into the substation,” Rose said.

Rose said LP&L takes certain precautions, like trimming trees, to get ahead of the problem.

“We knew there were going to be icy conditions, and so we took all of our available field crews, both those that work the upper and lower ground lines, and made sure they were available starting tonight and throughout the day,” Rose said.

Karl Bunton, who lives in east Lubbock, said he is glad he didn’t experience a power outage.

“I was hoping that it didn’t get this far to where we would be out of power because we have no other means of electricity,” Bunton said.

Bunton receives his lunch from Meals on Wheels, which provides food for people who are homebound, and can’t leave home without assistance.

“I don’t have to go out, and it’s around lunchtime that I eat. They bring me lunch and that’s good for me,” Bunton said.

J Hollinshead has been delivering food to people like Karl for more than three years.

“I started doing meals on wheels when we had that really bad snow storm,” Hollinshead said.

Hollinshead said he takes notes about the people he visits, so in case they need assistance, or the power goes out, he can try and get help.

To report any issues with power lines, call the Electric Outage Service at 806-775-2509, or visit their website.