Newly unveiled court records made allegations that the mother of Holli Jeffcoat, 18, knew about sexual abuse before Jeffcoat was murdered on February 10. 

Jeffcoat was described by the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office as a student with special needs. Less than two weeks before she was found dead in a home in Northeast Lubbock County, she told school officials that she had been sexually abused and was pregnant. 

School officials reported the abuse to Children’s Protective Services.

Court documents said, “The report also stated that Holli was pregnant by [a family member] and that [he] would pick Holli up from the bus stop and take her out into the country to have sex with her.” chose not to report the name until criminal charges are filed.

Court records said, “It was reported that Holli [Jeffcoat] had told her mother … about the sexual abuse and [the mother] told Holli not to tell anyone about the sexual abuse because they would not have anyone to pay the bills in the home.”

The family member accused of sexually abusing Holli had been kicked out of the home in late January according to the newest court records. 

Jeffcoat alleged that her 15-year-old sister was also sexually abused, but the sister denied it.

After Jeffcoat was found dead, CPS removed the 15-year-old from the family and put her in foster care.

The mother denied that she allowed the family member to have contact with either girl, but CPS disputed the mother’s claim in the newest court records.

“It was determined that [the mother] applied for a protective order on February 2nd, but had continued to see [the family member].”

The family had a history with CPS dating back to 2008.  CPS had evidence that Jeffcoat had been sexually abused at the age of 10.  But, according to court records, CPS was unable to prove who had done it. 

On Thursday morning, Jeffcoat’s mother requested that a court hearing on the removal of her 15-year-old be delayed to wait for more information in the investigation of Jeffcoat’s murder.