LUBBOCK, Texas – Mothers Against Drunk Driving is an organization aiming to bring awareness to the danger of drinking and driving and support those who have been affected by drinking and driving.

The organization announced last week they would hold their annual 5K called “Walk Like MADD” Saturday, August 6th at the Lubbock County Courthouse at 9:00 am.

Dawn Bevan, Lead Victim Services Specialist for MADD said the 5K is a way to remember victims who lost their lives or were seriously injured by a drunk driver.

“And then the walk is also a time to honor the loved ones that were injured and killed by impaired driving crashes. Bevan said. “So it’s a lot about families, getting to share with other people about their loved one that was lost.”

According to a 2018 report from Stop Alcohol Abuse, 3,526,000 underage individuals consumed alcohol. 37.1% were between the ages of 12-20.

In 2022, several Lubbock businesses were given citations by Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for serving alcohol to minors.

Some of the businesses included Miguel’s on Broadway, Bubba’s 33, LIT, and the Garden.

Bevan said MADD encourages those under 21-years-old to not drink, and those over 21 to have a designated driver.

“MADD’s message to young people under 21 is don’t drink,” Bevan. “If they’re over 21, we definitely want them not to drink and drive. We want them to think about things like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna go out tonight and drink. So I’m gonna go ahead and make a plan before I even leave the house to go party, that I’m we’ve got this person who’s going to be our designated sober driver for the evening.”

To learn more about MADD visit their website .