LUBBOCK, Texas — Motorcycle Safety was a hot topic after Thursday night’s motorcycle accidents in Lubbock. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, more than 2,000 Texas motorcyclists were seriously injured and 519 lost their lives in 2021.

“You have to drive like you’re invisible. And assume that the people cannot see you, that changes the way you drive,” said Chris Waite, owner of Motor City. “It makes you not drive quite as aggressively and drive with the much more caution, which you need because people are used to driving on automatic and so they don’t always register in their their mind, a motorcycle, but they’ll see a car and stop.”

The Lubbock Police Department said there were four deaths related to motorcycle crashes in 2021.

“A lot of people will get on to motorcycles without having much experience except riding off road or in the dirt or mini bikes. And it’s just completely different on the street because it’s so much more hazardous and life threatening.”

Police told from July 1st to August 26 were 21 motorcycle crashes, two of which were deadly.

LPD said it knows the dangers of riding a motorcycle, and their officers ride in bright colored uniforms to be see on the street.

Waite said riding on a motorcycle in Lubbock is hazardous.

“A lot of people come from out of town to Lubbock to shop. And if they’re driving in small towns or in the country, they’re not used to seeing a lot of motorcycles.

“Weather conditions in Lubbock, when we get pretty cold winters and, and rain and snow. They’re just not practical for year round transport, they’re more of a fun thing to use, because in the summer, sometimes it’s too hot. And in the winter, it’s dark, cold and slippery,” Waite said.