LUBBOCK, Texas — Mountain Hideaway was burglarized early Christmas morning, leaving the store with a shattered door and missing jackets.

Kyle and Misti Jones, the owners of the store, say they were called Christmas morning and told that their store had been broken into.

They said they arrived at the store to find the glass front door shattered and several coats, especially women’s coats, missing. The pipe wrench used to shatter the door was left in the store.

While the coats are a loss, the Jones family says the destruction of the door is most disappointing. They asked customers to place stickers from their travels on the door, and the collection is now gone.

When the couple returned to the store on Boxing Day, they found stacks of stickers left for them.

The family asks the Lubbock community to keep an eye out for anyone selling Patagonia, North Face or Kuhl women’s jackets.