MULESHOE, Texas — Muleshoe ISD responded Thursday to a lawsuit filed by a former student regarding Title IX violations and denied that it created a hostile campus environment.

Muleshoe ISD admitted to some facts in the lawsuit, including that the former student was 16 in early 2018 and that Stephanie Lowery was once a coach and reading teacher at Watson Junior High School.

Lowery was arrested in August 2018 and charged with unlawful restraint. She was first listed in the Texas Sex Offender Registry in October 2020 and will be required to register for life.

The district also admitted that the former student and his father had met with the Muleshoe ISD Superintendent to discuss Lowery in June 2018.

However, Muleshoe ISD denied that it knew about Lowery’s inappropriate sexual relationship with the student and said it acted as any “reasonable governmental entity” would have in the same situation.

The response asked for the court to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice, which would stop the former student from filing a similar lawsuit in the future.

The court had not ruled on the matter as of Friday afternoon.