LUBBOCK, Texas — Officers with the Lubbock Police Department investigated a shots-fired incident which damaged people’s vehicles and homes early Sunday, a police report states.

The incident occurred around 12:35 a.m. in the 1300 block of 65th Drive.

According to the report, an LPD officer was responding on another call nearby and heard “approximately 15 to 20” gunshots being fired.

The officer then drove over to what was described in the report as a “known problem neighborhood.”

When the officer arrived on scene, there were multiple individuals standing in a parking lot.

The officer also noted seeing damage to a parked vehicle from apparent gunfire and found multiple shell casings next to the vehicle.

The police report then stated the officer interviewed an individual who said he heard gunshots while entering his residence.

The witness then told police he observed a white pickup truck driving eastbound on 65th Drive with all the exterior lights turned off. He also reported seeing a muzzle flash from the vehicle and the possible silhouette of a handgun.

He also said he observed approximately three black males run towards Avenue P, get into a lime green colored passenger car, speed off and flee the scene.

The witness did not know if the two vehicles were involved in an exchange of gunfire.

The report said other LPD officers located approximately 18 empty shell casings in the 6500 block of Avenue P.

The officer noted in the report that based on spacing of the shell casings it was determined the shooter was moving while shooting.

The casings were from three different calibers which also indicated the possibility of multiple shooters, the report stated.

The officer also reported bullet holes were discovered in two nearby apartments.

No injures were reported in the incident and no suspects were located.

Anyone with information should contact Lubbock Crime Line at 806-741-1000