LUBBOCK, Texas — The murder charge against Isaac Deleon, 25, was dismissed due to insufficient evidence, court records obtained by revealed on Thursday.

The motion to dismiss was signed and entered on Wednesday.

Deleon was previously accused of murder in a North Lubbock shooting that killed Ismael Saenz, 41. The Lubbock Police Department responded to reports of a fight in the 3200 block of Baylor Street just before 10:30 p.m. A few minutes later, court documents said authorities received more 911 calls about shots being fired. Officers found Saenz dead with “apparent gunshot wounds.”

Deleon’s attorney Chris Wanner, released the following statement to on Thursday:

Police officers and detectives are frequently called upon to make very important decisions based on limited information. Fortunately for Isaac, Lubbock Police Detectives continued to investigate this case after Isaac’s arrest. During their continued investigation additional details became known to them and they decided Isaac was not the suspect in the unfortunate murder of Mr. Saenz.  They, along with the District Attorney’s Office did the right thing by dismissing the charges and releasing Isaac from jail.  My real disappointment in this case falls on the Legislators in Austin who cannot seem to fix the broken Bail Bond system in Texas, that allowed an innocent man to remain in jail for almost 2 weeks along with thousands of other individuals who are currently sitting in jail, many overcrowded like our very own County Jail, simply because they are poor and cannot afford to post the exact same bond a wealthy man could easily afford.

Chris Wanner previously reported a witness told police he heard fighting and saw a man in a red shirt “point a pistol at Saenz and shoot him.” Another witness called 911 and reported seeing a man in a red shirt running through an alley. Police found Deleon near Rodgers Park wearing a red shirt, court documents said. Court documents previously stated Delon provided “several different stories” when he was interviewed by authorities. reached out to the District Attorney’s office for additional information. Check back for updates.