LUBBOCK, Texas — A State District Court Judge revoked bond for Casey Austin Owens, 40, who was charged with murder in the 2017 shooting death of Landon Terry in Southwest Lubbock.

In May, there was word that the Owens family was close to having the money to post a $500,000 bond for murder. The honorable William R. Eichman did not reduce bond for murder but did reduce bond on a related burglary charge from $500,000 to $50,000.

Eichman added a list of conditions including no alcohol.

In mid-August, prosecutors filed a motion to revoke the bond – saying EMS and sheriff’s deputies responded to Owen’s home for a wreck on August 8.

“Records from EMS and UMC show alcohol use by this defendant,” the prosecution wrote.

During a court hearing Monday morning, there was evidence that Owens crashed an ATV and was unconscious for 10 minutes. There was also testimony that Owens drank beer on multiple occasions with family members.

Judge Eichman reminded Owens during the hearing that the conditions of release were “strict.”

“I’m left with no other choice this time but to revoke the bond,” Eichman said during the hearing.

The new bond for murder was set at $600,000.

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Court records related to the murder case in December 2017 described Casey Owens, age 38 at the time, as a jealous ex-boyfriend. Court records said Owens got into his ex-girlfriend’s house in the 6000 block of 88th Street. When Landon Terry showed up, according to court records, Owens confronted him at the front door and shot him.

Owens suspected that Terry was dating his ex, court records said.

After the shooting, Owens turned himself in. The bond revocation on Monday was “effective immediately.”

The murder case remained pending as of Monday. A trial date has tentatively been set in November.