LUBBOCK, Texas — An East Lubbock family is still trying to figure out why a unknown women carved a cryptic message into their front door Tuesday afternoon.

Angelica Arrambide and her four children had just left home to run some errands around 3:30 p.m. When Arrambide returned about an hour later, her Vivint security system notified her that a person had been at her front door.

“She didn’t knock, she didn’t ring the door bell and I didn’t even know who she was,” Arrambide said.

Video caught the woman carving a message into the front door with what appeared to be a pocket knife. The message has words starting with the letter B, Torrez, Samarippas, and the numbers 8715.

“Why would you write on my house?” Arrambide said. “What does the message mean…I’m just curious to know.”

Arrambide says she contacted police about the event and patrol officers plan to keep an eye out for the woman.