LUBBOCK, Texas — With gas leaks happening frequently in Lubbock, National 811 Day is working to make sure everyone calls before they dig.

Atmos Energy said there’s been quit a few cut gas lines that happen almost everyday.

When a gas leak happens, Lubbock Fire Rescue respond to the call.

“Over the last three or four years that cut gas lines has really become a major problem we’re averaging right now really more than than one a day that we respond to.” Deputy Chief Nick Wilson with Lubbock Fire Rescue said.

Wilson also said the flammability and the possible explosives is what makes gas leak scenes so dangerous.

“There’s always a danger when there’s a utility damage, right, especially if it’s an electrical line, or if it’s a gas line.” Ed Espinoza, Manager of Public Affairs at Atmos Energy said.

Espinoza said there are signs to keep a watch for if you hit a line.

“You’re gonna smell natural gas that has a rotten egg smell. So if you smell that odor, please give Atmos Energy a call. You might hear a hissing sound right, maybe if you’re in an alleyway, or if there’s an area of a gas main and to look for dead vegetation,” Espinoza said.

Wilson said cut gas lines are on their priority list.

“It’s in the top five things that we respond to now, along with fires and medicals and a lot of the other emergencies that we go to,” Wilson said.

As a reminder, call before you dig.

“If you’re going to put a shovel on the ground, if you’re going to for the contractors out there, if you’re going to put a backhoe that mini excavator, any type of heavy machinery, or any type of shovel that you’re going to put in the ground, please call 811,” Espinoza said.