LUBBOCK, Texas — The nation’s first-ever Allsup’s Express found its home just feet away from Texas Tech’s campus. Store employees said it will kick off its week-long, grand opening celebrations on Tuesday morning.

“When you get an Allsup’s, you know that you’re growing as a community. So, it’s exciting to have Allsup’s as part of the city of Lubbock now- very exciting,” said District 1 Councilwoman Christy Martinez-Garcia.

The store, located on the busy corner of University Avenue and Broadway Street, will open just in time for Red Raiders to come back to campus.

Derek Gaskins, the chief marketing officer with Yesway, said, “Lubbock is a great, world-class city [and] is one of the fastest growing cities in not just Texas, but in all of the nation.”

“If it’s going to work anywhere, it’s going to work in Lubbock,” said Head of Real Estate for Yesway Tom Brown. He added that the store’s merchandise is tailored to Tech students, “from pet supplies to laundry detergent- things of that nature. I think we’re fairly unique in that environment.”

The food, however, is what most people who spoke with KLBK News said they are most excited to experience.

“The burritos are the best. I mean, literally, we’ve been driving all the way to Slaton just to get a burrito. Now we can get it right in our own backyard,” said Martinez-Garcia.

Store Manager Gabrielle Boxten said when the store opens, she is “expecting to see a lot of people coming in and trying to get famous burritos because that’s all they’re talking about.”

Starting tomorrow, employees said, the store will be open Sunday through Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to midnight and will have extended hours on the weekends.