LUBBOCK, Texas — Recent rain and a nearby construction site on a detention basin have caused flooding at a South Lubbock neighborhood near 146th Street and Frankford Avenue.

Rayna Garner, a Southwest Gardens resident, said she always enjoyed walks down her street, but said she hasn’t gotten to do it much lately.

“I could not walk off my porch without stepping into the water,” Garner said. “They dug a hole and started pumping water that were pumping it into our neighborhood.”

Garner and multiple neighbors told that water was flooding their yards up to their ankles, some of them unable to make their way out of their homes.

“I have dogs in the backyard, I could not take my dog to the mailbox without waiting in the water,” Garner said. “When I got in the truck Thursday to go to the grocery store, of course, I got in on the passenger side and I had to jump two and a half feet, so I didn’t step on the water from the grass to the running board on the pickup.”

Residents like Donald Martin were facing damages to their yards from the floods.

“That has cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars for concrete and bricks and everything else to try to recover it back up, there’s no telling what it’s going to cost,” Martin said.

Betenbough Homes, who is assisting with the project, released this statement:

“Due to heavy rain in the area over the past week, we experienced flooding in a partially dug detention basin in a community under development… Our construction teams attempted to pump out the water but shut the process down once they realized it was causing flooding in a neighboring community. Once the basin is completed, it should help bring relief to that area when they experience heavy rains in the future. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our Lubbock community.”- Betebough Homes.

County Commissioners are aware of the issue and as of Tuesday morning and have shut the site down from dewatering. The city has been contacted to remedy the situation.