LUBBOCK, Texas — A burglary overnight Thursday has left one small business owner frustrated. She is asking for the public’s help in identifying who is responsible.

Jennifer Diaz, the owner of CBD American Shaman of Lubbock said around 1 o’clock Thursday morning, someone broke into the glass side door with a hammer. She believes another person was involved, and they then came back around 2:30 to steal more.

Her alarm system did go off shortly after they arrived the second time, and they took off. But, not before they stole the register, multiple products, and even some of the security cameras. All of it, close to $10,000 in value.

“One of them has longer hair. I can’t really tell by the color because the camera of course it greyed out. But they dropped their hat. So, we have their hat. That’s good. They look like they’re probably in their 30’s, maybe,” Diaz explained.

She has had her store at its 82nd Street location for four years, and unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“The first time was in 2019. It’s almost the same exact thing. They busted out my door and came in and just wiped us clean,” she said.

And this time, right before the holiday season.

Diaz added, “As a small business, we went through a pandemic, now we’re going through a recession; business has been down 40% or 50% already because of the recession. Now this added on top of it. It’s just, it’s awful.”

She believes this person could be a customer with how well they knew their way around the store and what products to take.

Lubbock Police are looking into this but can’t release much at this time. However, they ask anyone with any information call the Crime Line at (806)741-1000.