Note: The video above reflects the top news headlines from the morning of August 31, 2023.

LUBBOCK, Texas– The South Plains SPCA announced that Matt, the dog found severely neglected in a Lubbock cornfield, has officially made his adoption debut.

The SPCA said Matt is about 6 years old and “feels he is a poodle mix.” The organization said due to Matt’s history, it will be “very firm” on what type of home Matt will be adopted into.

Matt was described as “super playful” and “snacks well.” It was also stressed routine was very important for him and should “NEVER be left outside unattended as he WILL panic and get out of your yard.”

It was recommended Matt not go home with “small children.”

“Children over 10 that will respect his space would be best,” SPCA said in a social post. “He loves to play and will do good with older children.”

It also said Matt wouldn’t be adopted into a home with another dog.

“He does not tolerate other dogs in his space, around his people, around his food and needs to be the only dog living in the home.”

The SPCA said Matt is the sweetest dog and a great companion.