Neighbors discuss ATF raid in North Lubbock neighborhood

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The investigation continues, after the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms led a raid on a North Lubbock home in connection to the Midland-Odessa shootings.

While that moves forward, neighbors there are left wondering what had really been going on in their neighborhood. Although they say they think it’s an isolated incident, they’re still worried and don’t want it happening again. 

 “I’d rather someone not sell guns close to me,” said Diane Qubty who lives in the area. 

Qubty said even if it is legal, she does not feel comfortable with those transactions happening in her neighborhood. 

“I think the more it sinks in, the scarier it is that this guy who would do such atrocious things was two doors down from our house,” Qubty said.

Qubty is referring to Seth Ator, the man who killed seven people in the Midland-Odessa shootings.

According to The Wall Street Journal and ABC News, the rifle that Ator used was sold to him here in Lubbock.

“The man who sold the gun is a good guy, he builds guns, like if your dad wanted a pretty hunting rifle, but it is scary to me that I don’t know who else has picked up a gun on the corner of my neighborhood,” Qubty said.

Federal authorities executed a search warrant to see if the Lubbock man illegally manufactured, or sold the gun used in the shootings.

However, there have been no charges filed for anything that happened.

This brought up some questions for Qubty to think about.

“Do I have a choice if someone sells guns in my neighborhood?” She asked. 

Under Texas law, everyone who buys through a licensed distributor must go through a background check even if they are purchasing online.

However, that’s not the case if the person goes through a private seller.

“I just personally think before you sell an assault rifle to someone, you should make sure who you’re handing a gun to,” Qubty said. 

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