LUBBOCK, Texas — Kaine M. Rodriquez was diagnosed with Eagle-Barrett syndrome, a rare disorder in which there is partial or complete absence of stomach muscles, according to the GoFundMe.

Rodriquez’s kidney function 16% and will be taking daily injections to assist his kidney followed by dialysis next month.

According to the social media post Rodriquez is experiencing Stage 4 renal failure and is need of a kidney transplant. Rodriguez’s blood type is O.

Doctor’s projected Rodriquez to live only 72 hours after being born. According to a social media post he has undergone abdominal surgery in 2009 after birth, an orchiopexy a year later and an abdominoplasty in 2013.

Rodriquez’s family is praying that he receives a kidney and can recover so he can get back to his love of sports, according to the social media post.

According to the social media post, Rodriquez’s favorite color is blue, and he loves Chinese food along with his go-to snacks of Hot Cheetos and Little Debbie cakes.

“Be happy for who you are. Never give up,” Rodriquez said, “just be strong and fight till you can’t fight no more.”

If you want to be a donor for Kaine, you can get your blood tested at United Blood Services at 4611 50th Street. Kaine has type O blood.