New bill could change laws regarding tying up dogs

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A new bill is making its way through the Texas State Legislature regarding when someone can tie up their dogs.

“There are a lot of dangers when you tether inappropriately. I’ve picked up animals that have hung themselves and suffocated over fences, picked up animals whose chains were so heavy their neck was actually bowed down,” said Director of Lubbock Animal Services, Steven Greene. “There are a lot of issues when it comes to tethering.”

While tying up a dog is legal in the state and city, this new bill would tighten those restrictions specifically for folks in more rural counties.

It would require owners to provide shelter with at least three walls and a roof as well as food and water for the dog.

According to the Texas Humane Legislation Network, which has been supporting this bill, it would only affect folks who are tying up dogs for long periods.

“Most dog owners, the tethering of their dogs is not going to be impacted at all. All the outdoor activities people do like camping or hunting or field trials,” said Stacy Sutton Kerbey with the Texas Human Legislation Network.

The bill would also provide law enforcement with better access to intervene in situations of unlawful tethering.

“This is really just a way to be able to disrupt that continuous tethering that unsafe tethering when law enforcement and animal control come across it,” said Kerbey.

If the bill is passed, Greene and Kerbey hope it would provide many dogs with a better life.

“This is not just something for city folks. It’s not just for rural folks, and it’s not just for animal lovers,” said Kerbey.

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