LUBBOCK, Texas — The South Plains Fair opens on Thursday and Lubbock Police Department said it is preparing to keep the community safe in new ways this year.

LPD said reuniting lost kids with their parents is almost an every day occurrence at the South Plains Fair.

“I would encourage folks before they go to the fair to take a picture of their child with the clothes they’re going to be wearing that night and just have a basic, general description for officers,” Lt. Brady Cross told

LPD said they are bringing more officers this year to patrol both outside and inside the fairgrounds.

“They have elevated positions on a scissor lift that gives them a bird’s eye view. They can see what’s going on there and then outside in the parking lot,” Lt. Cross said. “Vehicle burglaries occur, and through grant funding, we have gotten new security trailers.”

The biggest change made for fair-goers this year, however, is the clear bag policy.

According to the South Plains Fair website, “All bags must be clear plastic, vinyl or a small clutch and are subject to search.”

Medical equipment is allowed.

Skip Crawford is nearing his 20th year as a volunteer. He said, “The clear bag allows people at the gate to look at the bag and see if there’s a 45 pistol in it, or a bomb, or something like that. It’s just a small safety [measure]. It’s not perfect.”

Opening night is on Thursday and rides will only cost $1. To learn more, click here.