LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report revealed new details in a home invasion that left one dead and three others injured on Thursday.

On Thursday at approximately 9:15 a.m., Lubbock Police Department responded to the 1500 Block of 41st Street to reports of a shooting, according to a police report.

The police report said the victims, Jose Dominguez and Lorene Aviles, told officers that two suspects, later identified by police as Zach Thomas and Billy Rodgers, came through their front door with guns drawn.

“[Two men] rushed in the front door with guns drawn,” the police report said. The police report also said, “[The two gunmen] told him to get on the ground.”

The police report said the suspects told Dominguez to get on the ground. The suspects then went and got Aviles from another room and took her into the living room where she got into an argument with one of the suspects.

The police report said one of the suspects then pistol whipped Aviles in the face prompting Dominguez to wrestle with the other suspect in order to get the gun.

Dominguez said after he got the gun, he fired shots at both of the suspects, the police report said. The suspects then ran away.

Dominguez and Aviles were transported to University Medical Center for their injuries. Thomas and Rodgers arrived at Covenant shortly after.

Both suspects suffered from gunshot wounds but Thomas was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Dominguez told police he did not know the two men who rushed into the home.

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The text of the narrative portion of the police report said:

Police radio call to 1517 41st reference to a shooting just occurred.

V1 and v2 are dating and live together.

Upon arrival I spoke with v1 who said s1 and s2 had rushed into his residence without consent. V1 informed he had his front door to his residence open as he was fixing to leave for work. V1 stated s1 and s2 rushed in the front door with guns drawn. V1 advised s1 and s2 told him to get on the ground. V1 said he complied with s1 and s2. V1 informed s1 and s2 asked if anyone else was in the house. V1 stated s2 went to check the other rooms of the residence. V1 advised s2 brought v2 into the living room from the bedroom. V1 said v2 got into an argument with s2. V1 informed s2 “pistol whipped” v2 in the face with his gun. V1 stated he got up and he began wrestling with s1 for the gun. V1 advised he got the gun away from s1. V1 said he fired the gun at s1 and s2. V1 informed s1 and s2 fled the residence. V1 stated he did not know s1 or s2.

V2 was speaking with other officers in scene while I spoke with v1. (see supplement for v2’s statement)

I saw v1 had blood running down the left side of his face from a small cut under his left eye. I asked v1 if he had any other injuries and he stated “yes”. V1 raised his shirt and showed me a bruise to his lower right abdomen. V1 request ems and he was transported to covenant hospital for medical treatment.

I saw v2 was bleeding from her head. Ems transported v2 to university medical center for medical treatment.

I saw blood drops on the front porch of the residence and a bullet hole in the bottom front storm door. I saw the back gate to the backyard of the residence was open. I saw blood drops on the ground by the back storage unit.

A metro call out was initiated and I kept the crime scene secured.

S1 and s2 later arrived at covenant hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds. S1 and s2 were being treated at the times of this report.

Investigation is on going.

MVR and body camera utilized.