LUBBOCK, Texas — Court records on Wednesday provided new information about the arrest of a man in Lubbock for a Harris County murder case. Lubbock Police arrested Jacob Gordon Hoover, 26, Monday in the 3200 block of 35th Street.

A civil lawsuit accused Hoover of making Shelby Bustamante, 19, get out of his vehicle along the Gulf Freeway in Houston in December 2016. However, an arrest warrant obtained by EverythingLubbock provided new details.

The murder warrant accused Hoover of intentionally striking Bustamante with a pickup truck. Officers were called to the flyover ramp of Gulf Freeway at State Highway 288 for the report of a body lying on the roadway.

According to the warrant, Hoover told officers, “She just jumped out of my truck.” Hoover then told officers a story of how Bustamante was hit by another vehicle and he then chased after that other vehicle in his truck.

But after further investigation, police in Houston decided that Bustamante’s injuries were not consistent with a high-speed pedestrian collision. Instead, police believed her body was crushed by a vehicle at low speed.

Evidence of tire marks led officers to believe she was runover more than once, according to the warrant.

While talking to officers at the scene, Hoover admitted, “I’ll be honest, I was so f***ing p***ed.”

“I don’t know, like, I was mad,” Hoover said to officers, according to the warrant.

Hoover had already been arrested once and made bond. But on April 21, prosecutors filed a motion to revoke Hoover’s bond for violating his terms of release. Officials again on December 7 pointed to violations of his conditions of release. That same day, a judge revoked his bond.

Hoover remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center as of Wednesday.

Previous court records indicated Hoover is from El Paso.