New gun laws regarding school safety officially take effect

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Just one day after the deadly shootings in Midland and Odessa, new state gun laws went into effect, two of them regarding school districts and school safety.

House Bill 1387 loosens restrictions on how many armed school marshals a school district can hire.

According Lubbock Independent School District, they’ve looked at all their options, but plan on to continue using the district’s police department.

“We’ve increased the number officers by three this year,” said Stacy Carter, director of school safety and security. “We even have some that are permanently stationed on campuses and some that share campus responsibilities across the district.”

HB 1143 prevents school districts from regulating how a licensed person’s gun or ammunition is stored in vehicles on school property including school employees. But, Carter said she wants gun owners to remember their responsibilities.

“It has to be locked so you can’t have it laying in your seat,” Carter said. “If someone apprehends your weapon, you’re liable for what happens.”

In Olton ISD, the district allows concealed handguns on their campuses.

Superintendent Kevin McCasland says the community, along with parents and staff, are comfortable with the policy.

“It’s the best insurance we’ve never had to use,” McCasland said.

Back in Lubbock, Carter said she wants the community she serves to speak up if they see dangerous behavior.

“We need you to say something so we can identify if someone on the pathway to violence so we can try to help them get off that pathway before we’ve reached a possible active shooter situation,” she said.

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